George P. Karusky IV

October 10, 2001 – April 23, 2020

George Paul Karusky IV, as we all knew him as “Georgie”, passed away surprisingly on April 23, 2020. During the horror of the covid pandemic, Georgie passed away with a sudden battle of meningitis. At the young age of 18, his death devastated his father and their close family (Karusky, Knecht, Buccello) along with the entire community of family and friends. The devastation really hit home with his high school, Archbishop Ryan. The whole school, with tear-filled eyes and broken hearts, rallied together in support of Georgie and his family during one of the worst years in history. “AR” will forever be connected with Georgie and his memory. The overwhelming support received by everyone in Georgie’s life was a true testament to how much he was loved and truly will be missed.

Georgie grew up as the only child of George Karusky III and Lori-Ann Karusky (Knecht) in the far northeast of Philadelphia. As a child, he spent a lot of time with his small family; the family was everything, especially his mom. Once he was able to attend pre-school, he began developing outstanding bonds with the kids and their families. He started being involved in youth sports and programs, which became his social life, like all the kids his age ….but the one unfortunate secret was his mom started to become very ill. As Georgie grew older, his mother weakened, and she passed away when he was ten years old. The devastating news destroyed him, his father, and his close family. The loss brought him even closer together with his dad, but they were both in search of something to help with their grief and to fill the void of losing the one person they loved. The path led to sports and traveling, which led to meeting so many people along the way. He developed so many friendships because he was involved in so many sports and played on different teams all over the tri-state area. This was his new family now, his friends, teammates, and their families. They became his passion and priority in life, and he loved it all, and he was always welcomed everywhere he went with open arms.

All the relationships he gained over his years really helped when he started high school because that’s where they all came together. He seemed loved by everyone or someone who knew him from sports, and he gained another friend. His big heart, smile, and humor kept everyone he was with laughing and happy. Georgie wasn’t the best player or athlete, but he was a respected one, who really cared about his teammates, and they loved him for that. The team was his family, and they came first. Georgie’s played three varsity sports in high school, and his senior year started out great. The soccer team made it to the semis, and he stepped up to play goalie when the team’s all-star goalie was injured, then scored a goal in the game. He was named an all-star kick/punter for the football team and won the top league’s “Sportsmanship Award.” He would have been one of the top players for the baseball team but covid canceled the season, and a month later, he sadly passed away. Georgie’s sudden passing took such a major toll on everyone. Still, everyone came together to support him, and they showed him all the love in the world, which he would have been so proud of ….. to know his family and friends were there for him. Georgie’s family, friends, teammates, coaches, etc., will never forget him as that loyal, loving, caring, genuine person with a huge heart. Everyone was his family because his friendships meant the world to him, and that’s what he loved the most in his short life. With his passing, all of the people he touched…. know in their hearts, and he’s always with them and will never leave them because he truly loved them all.